Paleochora , the destination of your heart

There are as many reasons to visit Paleochora as there are people who call it home. Driving 70klm away from the lovely town of Chania, among a beautiful mountain scenery, you reach this tiny village who is widely known as “the nymph of the Libyan”.

These days, you ‘re as likely to find world travellers that are seeking to explore every corner of Crete as those that are here in search of a real paradise. Exploring it will transfer you in another era and will leave you enlightened. Add these must-do experiences to your itinerary and your stay will be memorable:

Sandy or Pebbly?

Whatever you are looking for, you will find it here. Paleochora is built on a peninsula and that is why you can find a beach with crystal clear waters in every corner. The Cretan terrain never fail to charm even the most demanding traveler and it is ready to impress you by the wide variety of choices.

It is the famous Sandy beach in the town where you can spend a free and easy day. It has a fun and light-hearted vibe with organized sections, watersports and activities close by. If you are travelling with your family, it is the ideal place to leave your kids to play with the sand, teach them how to swim and play with the waves, run carefree along the coast, and spend some quality time together. After your swim you can head to the nearest tavern and enjoy one of the local delicacies while you are trying one of our local wines.

In case that you love swimming naked, you will not be left complaining as you can walk till the end of Sandy beach where the nudist beach is.

If you are fan of the pebble beach’s then not far away is «Psilos Volakas», a tremendous, small bay with a high rock (Volakas) where its name is coming from. Additionally, on the windy days, it is the perfect spot to enjoy your beach day.

Additionally, whether you do not mind driving, then 10 minutes away is the famous and beloved beach of Gialiskari. Surrounded by green vegetation and high mountains imagines a tiny paradise where there is enough place both for those who are looking for organized situations and independent visitors.

During your stay, also explore the beaches of Grammeno, Krios and Karavopetra. Nevertheless, Elafonisi and Kedrodasos should be in your bucket list, but we will share with you more details in our next post.

Try out our Cretan “mezedes”!

One of the most authentic cultural elements is our gastronomy. The Mediterranean climate, the hospitality of our people and the abundance of local products make Crete the ideal culinary destination. Whichever your food habits are, you have an endless list of delicious options to choose your meal like Moussaka, Gyros, Tsigariasto, stuffed vegetables, Greek salad and more.

Get Lazy!

After a period of intense work, everyone is searching for a getaway, a place to de-stress and ¨escape¨. Undeniably, Paleochora is the perfect destination to pause and re-charge your batteries. Take a stroll in the picturesque alleys, talk, and have some raki with the locals who are ready to welcome you with a warm smile. Enjoy watching the change of the sky colors and hike up the mountains and get a thrill out of the panoramic view of the island.

Alternatively, if you love the outdoor activities, then there is a bunch of them depending on the time of the year that you are visiting. In wintertime, the sea is full of waves, which could reach up to 2.5m and surfing sounds like the perfect plan. Other than that, watersports, sea diving, archery, horseback riding and exploring the ancient Greek city of Lissos are only some of the things that you could enjoy while you are visiting.

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